I Appear Missing

Posted on Aug 30, 2021

Come around, come around:
Today marks the one-year anniversary of this place!


Congratulations, Cultural Wasteland, for coming into being.


Thank you (yes, this is directed to you who is actively reading this, sweet-face!) for passing by the wasteland and sharing the connection.

It was an eventful year, wasn’t it?  

Even if we can only go back in our minds to having sat down a few moments ago and existed for a whole year indoors.

Even if our cycles once again turned out to be the same.

Even if we only made small blog posts for small events.

Even if…


Whatever it is becoming, whatever we are all becoming, I am certainly glad to be around here to figure it out along the way.

I will go ahead and confess, though: I am deeply in love with openly connecting online, even by sharing just a few words or one thumb up. Intrinsically unique people, each doing their best to conjure some form of existence online.


small thrills at each glance!


The exercise of posting online — existing somewhere else than the day-to-day introverted physical role is quite refreshing for someone that based their entire 2X years of life lurking on the web. Thank you anxiety of forward-guessing whatever feedback I might get if I say anything online, especially since I have seen and heard too many times in my childhood how women are treated online.

But that anxiety is being taken care of, I guess. Thankfully?


Anyway, I will cut this short to not go entirely on a tangential note unrelated to the anniversary. I have already phoned Nana, left an email for my old friend back in town, and exchanged a few exclamations with acquaintances from this place. 1
Time to go to rest, since I am too tired for anything else.


Whatever time comes into being, with whatever topic comes to be: we shall meet over here. 2


Have a great one ahead, web-friend.


Cue in the pre-chorus:

“I go missing, no longer exist;
One day, I hope I’m someone you’d miss”


Forever yours,


  1. I still wished you were around, Ícaro. ↩︎

  2. or through the contacts in the about page - https://culturalwasteland.neocities.org/about.html ↩︎

  3. From a QOTSA song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeJ_-LLUbOc ↩︎