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This is a recollection of things.Things with existing connections.

"This is the place where all the junkies go, where time gets fast but everything gets slow"

Things will be constantly updated around here due to this.

That's it. I feel like this will provide the need I have for expressing myself through more natural lens. Some sort of indexing or bookkepping of the mind, for the time being.

My problem is expressing myself, so this is an exercise. And through that, I connect with you, so it is really great! (Thank you for being around :) )

I will try my best. (yes there's a blog.)

We can connect thru email as well! ↓↓↓
Blip blip 1: a dot throughtheglass at gmail dot com
Blip blip 2: culturalwastelandplease at gmail dot com

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